Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company
Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company is one Of the leading companies in the Kingdom and won the position number (51) among the top one hundred Saudi company for the year 2012, and owns more than (108) branches in the Kingdom between hypermarket and supermarket and corner, and is characterized by base large customer, where received during the year 2012, more than 40 million shoppers, and sales volume (4) billion riyals.
And working as part of a strategy designed to increase the base of its branches to cover all regions of the Kingdom, and to enable them to provide outstanding services to clients on a wide geographical distribution, as well as providing all the needs and desires to be accessible to everyone.

Company Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets extension of Saleh Al Othaim Foodstuff Trading established by God's mercy in the commercial heart of Riyadh in 1376 AH.

In 1401 AH has Abdullah Saleh Othaim and his brothers expanded activity of the institution through the opening of branches of the wholesale and retail before deciding the company in 1410 AH to shift most of its stores to wholesale markets consumer, and in 1412 AH opened warehouses large high standards in storage equipped with the latest methods of storage Dry and cold to support the growth and development of the company, as the fleet was increased distribution to raise the level of service provided to customers, and facilitate collaboration with suppliers


Markets work Abdullah Othaim according methodology aimed at a balanced increase in base branches to cover most areas of the kingdom and services accessible to all, and to emphasize the high quality and the right price through what offer from consumer products variety, so keen markets Othaim to diversify sources of national products and global high quality and affordable and competitive sensitive and fit income and possibilities all segments of society and is based on giving priority to the consumer, where you have markets Abdullah Othaim set of signs and agencies of global trade from around the world concerned with varieties of food and consumer vital in order to provide alternatives to the consumer at competitive prices and high quality Marketing programs.

You see Abdullah Al Othaim Markets on the balance between the company's goals and aspirations based on consumer confidence as the company with a number of promotional activities and programs weekly and monthly festivals featuring at competitive prices and special offers and family dating back to the consumer benefit. Of these programs, "gain", which gives the consumer many features and special offers, in addition to providing specialized application services, such as (among consumers) and the establishment of centralized markets highly competitive.

Abdullah Al Othaim Investment and Real Estate Development company:
The company Abdullah Othaim real estate investment and development at the forefront of companies specialized in the field of creation and management and operation of large commercial complexes, and owns series complexes (Othaim Mall) in the Kingdom, which is a qualitative addition to the supermarket giant system. The company has (5) huge commercial complexes larger than rent for 5 million square feet of these complexes are: -
Al Othaim real estate investment and development company owns so far 5 huge commercial complexes containing more than 5 million square feet as viable space for rent, is characterized by its unique location and outstanding and easily accessible, and these complexes are
  • Othaim Mall Rabwa - Riyadh.
  • Khurais Othaim Mall - Riyadh.
  • Othaim Mall - Ahsa.
  • Othaim Mall - Buraidah.
  • Othaim Mall - Dammam.
The Othaim Mall add quality to the supermarket giant system which reflect the features of the future of modern commercial complexes through the establishment of new concepts for shopping and family entertainment to meet the expectations of visitors from different ages.
And characterized by very design touches in creativity and innovation, where he was careful attention to detail in the design and implementation throughout the stages of the establishment of the project, which earned him exceptional aesthetic value.
Back create Abdullah Al Othaim Investment and Real Estate Development, a subsidiary Othaim Holding to 2005 m embodiment of the quest Othaim Holding Company to integration in all its services. The company has carved through her career to achieve advanced positions in the establishment and management of shopping malls huge thanks to its commitment to global standards in the establishment of commercial centers, thanks to an integrated team of engineers and other professionals with expertise in the preparation and implementation of internal planning, design and construction works and vital projects.
Future Plans
Of mind to convince Al Othaim Investment and real estate development importance Family Shopping, and the company's desire to actively participate in this activity has been designed Othaim Mall by integrating best reached the west of the artistic touches and construction with architectural environment local making the shopping process in Othaim Mall easy and convenient and fun while maintaining the traditions of the ancient, and through which we were keen to provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for shopping, taking into account the aesthetic aspects of the design and flexibility in organizing entrance and exits and parking beside providing enough elevators and basic services. The locations chosen are specifically highly populated which attracted the international and local brands of high quality and special services. Since we believe that enjoyable shopping and customer satisfaction are the most important concerns for the company, we featured these in the opening of Othaim Mall Rabwah – Riyadh and which was launched in Rabwah, the most dynamic region in Riyadh city to be a motive for launching these malls all around the kingdom., where the company have opened its second shopping mall in Buraidah- Al Qassim, also in Ehsaa and Othaim Mall Khuraisin Riyadh and Othaim Mall Dammam as an extension of the company’s expansion plan.
A continuation of the expansion and development in the field of commercial complexes based company Othaim real estate investment and development study new and distinct sites for future projects to cover the largest spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Safforiland Theme Park
A company specializing in the creation and management of cities family entertainment, and that is carefully designed to meet the needs of visitors taking into account the privacy offered by the visitors, and is considered cities savory Land of the best achievements entertainment that has been carefully designed and keenness shall privacy required for visitors and provides full attention to children and their families, and longer Add a task in the context of the integration of marketing services, recreational and tourism provided by Othaim Mall Zourah The company has many cities family entertainment under the name of Safforiland:
Saffory Land is considered of top entertainment achievements that have been carefully designed with keenness to privacy required by visitors beside providing care and attention to children and their families
The company has several family entertainment cities under the name of Saffori Land including:
  • Saffori Land Entertainment city at Othaim Mall Rabwah- Riyadh
  • Saffori Land Entertainment city at Othaim Mall Khurais – Riyadh
  • Saffori Land Entertainment city at Othaim Mall Buraidah
  • Saffori Land Entertainment city at Othaim Mall Ehsaa
  • Saffori Land Entertainment city at Othaim Mall Dammam
In addition to a number of recreational centers attached to a number of Othaim branches