Social Responsibility
Growing awareness and interest in programs of social responsibility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the private sector precisely where companies and institutions and philanthropist role broad social in various activities of volunteer services and charitable to achieve cohesion and social solidarity among the members of society in general and shows now compete and acceleration in this area and more advanced company with sales The profits and quality management concomitant excellence in the field of social responsibility programs. Othaim attaches great importance social responsibility programs and offers many programs and continuing in various fields within the framework of its mission to the community. Prominent social responsibility programs in the Othaim company, Othaim offers a system of distinctive programs in the area of social responsibility, including:
Othaim Academy for Training and Development
Othaim Academy for Training and Development is created under the supervision of the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training in the year 1420, and managed with God's guidance to train and qualify more than 28 thousand young Saudis benefited them. Othaim companies addition to many private sector companies.

And training academy for young people on the qualifying software to work in retail, which include (accounting, sales and customer service, sales skills, and branch supervisors, and secretaries of the Covenant, and responsible customer service, and orderly shelves)

And the programs offered by the Women's Center (How do you plan for your life, personal leadership, How to start a small business, Seven Habits) as well as the implementation of several training courses in the field of computers and self-development.

And carried Academy Othaim for Training and Development Free partnerships training, care and cooperation with many charities in the Kingdom , partnershiped in training and caring for children Charitable Society for Orphans (human), which aims to train orphans sponsored by Assembly and skills development and rehabilitation to the labor market, and partnership training and care of prisoners and released and their families in Riyadh.

Also been implemented partnership training and cooperation with the Saudi Cancer Society, where she worked academic training of some beneficiaries of the Association services and attract to work in the Othaim company, in addition to a partnership training and cooperation between the Academy and the National Charity Fund where academic training beneficiaries of the services the National Charity Fund from low-income families and then attract to work in Othaim Markets Co. The Academy has also trained a number of people with special needs and their employment in the branches of the company.

Patients Visits in Hospitals

Under the auspices of the General Director of Health Affairs in Riyadh Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Dakhil, the Society Friend program was launched in the month of Ramadan in 1427 in cooperation with the Committee of Patients' Friends at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This programs aims to visit 3000 patients in hospitals to alleviate their suffering and establish the principle of social cohesion and fraternal solidarity which lies among the teachings of our religion. He said peace be upon him: "The rights of a Muslim over a Muslim five" including patient's visit.

One of the objectives of this program also is to involve employees of the company in community service programs offered to become an active part in the community, during the visit, the program provides a gift box containing a gift voucher worth hundred riyals and a prayer rug and Koran and some religious books.

Honoring one's parents Campaign

Knowing that Al Othaim holding company is keen to instill correct Islamic values in the hearts of everyone, it started collaborating with the Ministry of Social Affairs to launch the campaign: "Honoring One's Parents" under the slogan: "And say: Lord bless them as they raised me when I was young".

This initiative was launched in the form of an advertising campaign intended to recall thanks to the parents and honoring them and that they are among the reasons for opening the doors of goodness and livelihood and happiness. As the Holy Prophet said "Be Good to your parents so that your children will be good to you."

The company has organized a huge advertising campaign in newspapers and on billboards. The company also visited the Nursing Home in Riyadh, and work is still in progress to activate this campaign.

Charitable Support through Charity Cards

Our Society thankfully is known for its social solidarity among its members, and the most important aspect of this solidarity and interdependence is the support that is given to the needy by the association. We see a lot of them may God reward, take the initiative constantly to buy, store and then deliver needs to the needy in order to ensure it was delivered properly.

With this, it is not a secret that there are no comments on this method, that’s why Othaim company has issued charity cards due to demand from well-wisher and their eagerness to donate and to ensure the arrival of cash donations to beneficiaries properly.

The company saw that it is better to replace cash by swipe cards that will not be exposed to damage and can be used more than once until the balance is over. These card work with a barcode system and it is a practical solution and intelligent alternative for Cash.

Donation to the rest of cellulitis

Project to donate to the rest of the pilot projects cellulitis and of great interest by clients Othaim markets and so out of noble goals upon which the associations and the role played to large segments of society It is an optional service for customers Othaim where accountant cashier displays a list of the name of the beneficiary associations of the donation program and leave the customer the freedom to choose Assembly and then placed on the invoice the name of the donor and the amount of the donation and the total amount that has been reached Assembly The benefit of this program 15 Assembly of the Kingdom. The total donation, since the launch of the program to date about 2 million riyals .


Under the supervision of the Smoking Prevention Charity organization, the Othaim company has opened the (Othaim center for anti-smoking) in Riyadh. The aim of the establishment of this center is to reduce the phenomenon of smoking and also help smokers abstain.

The center also aims to contribute to the protection of all segments of society from the effects of passive smoking through the intensification of awareness campaigns of the harmful effects of smoking and to encourage abstain.

On the other hand, the center provides treatment services for smokers that will enable them to quit, help those who quit to keep abstaining. The center is running a series of studies and statistics related to finding appropriate solutions to refrain from this harmful habit in the community..

Preserving the environment

The company has printed special trash bags specially o be used inside cars with the slogan: "Your city Cleanliness is for your good .. Help by not throwing wastes out of the car" and this comes as a reinforcement for their participation in community service..

This idea was launched in collaboration with the General Administration of Cleanliness in Riyadh and based on the company’s belief in the need to strengthen social programs that urge to contribute in the cleanliness, and stand beside the secretariats in their information activities and venerable contributions to help make cities reflect the extent of its citizens civilization and high ethics.

Cleaning campaign million m 2 in collaboration with the Secretariat of the city of Riyadh

Othaim Company participates in the awareness campaign cleanly terrestrial environment (cleaning campaign million m 2 second) organized by the Riyadh Municipality annually in order to raise social awareness of the importance of clean environment land and develop a love of teamwork and enhance the value of volunteer work in the community.